NJ4 Public Service Announcement

26 05 2008

Spread the Word. Ask your local radio station to play the newest NJ4 Public Service Announcement.


Get Involved- Support the 4

26 05 2008

Stay Ready!!!

We continue to be violated, blamed, locked up, and murdered by the unimaginative tired violent tendencies of sexism racism and homophobia. Because we are the one’s we have been waiting for, it is up to us to devise, organize and strengthen the means for our queer communities, feminist communities, people of color communities, and working class/poor communities to defend ourselves.

In June 2008, during the Bay Area Pride events, queers, people of color, and radical feminists here in Oakland and San Francisco are coming out and promoting self-defense. The strategy for creating visibility of the case of the NJ 4 during this year’s Pride celebration is that any and every picture taken/video shot will relate the message to “Free the New Jersey 4” and “Support a Culture of Self Defense” somewhere in the frame.

If you are down to free our people in the Bay, in New York, and Ourselves, come through and build the strategy, coordinate logistics, write the word, design the representation, print the images, keep people involved, open the door, throw events, and outreach. This struggle is a
collective struggle, and everyone’s imagination and participation are being called on.

Here’s how you can help:


We are beginning a media campaign calling for queer artists of color to design images for mass reproduction. T-shirts, posters, banners, stencil, stickers, armbands, and other free forms are in the works. We also need performance artists for several actions & workshops, donate fabrics and art supplies, people to host art parties in their neighborhoods, people down to throw up, paint, or paste images. please contact us for more info.

Priorities and timeline are:

**T-shirt graphics**
To ensure t-shirts are printed for the Dyke March, we need your design by May 30th

** Stencil/poster/silkscreening images**
E-mail us designs that we can post to the NJ4 blog for download and distribution

** Banners and Posters for DykeMarch/Pride**
In time for PRIDE. See party time, date and location

Upcoming Art Production Parties:

Thursday, May 29th
6pm – whenever
733 Baker St. SF, CA

Friday, May 30th
8pm (after the Screening of Born in Flames)
1820 Fairview St. Berkeley, CA

Stenciling and Wheatpasting Party
Each Friday in June
6 pm – whenever
Locations TBA


Do you or folks you know produce media? Media Spokes, Radio Producers, videographers, journalists! We need your help with making press contacts and to reclaim our stories. We will have interview broadcasts of the families available for radio syndication in mid June. Get in touch if you would like a press kit.

THE LOVE letters by the People:
Have you written Renata, Terrain, Patrice or Venice? Please send us letters for an audio installation project. For legal purposes, we will omit any details or comments about the night of the attack or the case. The audio project will be used at the upcoming September Critical Resistance Conference in Oakland. If you have yet to write them, it’s never too late. Their addresses are on the blog, so take the time to deny the prison structures that keep us out of touch.

Contact the Bay NJ4 Solidarity Committee
(510) 400-8462

June 6: Art Exhibit

22 05 2008

Violence Against Lesbians of Color and the Love that Empowers Us is an art exhibit that will be held at the Brecth forum in June (451 West Street (between Bank & Bethune Streets, New York, NY 10014).

The opening reception is June 6th and will have dynamite performers. We are trying to commemorate the death of Sakia Gunn, Rayshon Holmes and Shania Baraka. We are also going to remember the New Jersey 4 and are looking for lesbians of color to do artwork to make these women ‘s struggles visible. Please contact anoush49(at)hotmail.com if you are interested and spread the word.

Not Guilty

2 05 2008

thanks to brina for this beautiful piece