Terrain Dandridge Release; Fight for the NJ4 Continues

21 06 2008

For Immediate Release: Sat June 21, 2008
Contact: Ralowe T. Ampu, media rep (415) 863-3249

Bay Area NJ4 Solidarity
(510) 400-8462

Terrain Dandridge, one of the New Jersey 4, released after 2 years of incarceration; first
day free will be spent meeting with Angela Davis and the Queer Community in San

Appeal Update for the case of the New Jersey 4

Terrain Dandridge’s appeal has been successful and she was released from Albion Correctional Facility on Monday, June 23, 2008! Terrain Dandridge’s case was overturned, all her charges we dropped and her record has been cleared. Renata Hill is awaiting a new trial of the events concerning the night of August 18, 2006, where her and six other young black lesbians from Newark, New Jersey faced a homophobic assault in New York’s Greenwich Village.

The lawyers, who agreed that there was no strategy for involving grassroots support in the appeals process, have called this, “a miracle”.  Terrain’s lawyer has acknowledged that to be granted a new trial is rare; to have charged dropped is unprecedented.  The Bay Area Solidarity Committee realizes that regardless of whether we were factored in by lawyers as part of the appeals process, this unprecedented turn of events had little to do with divisive legal strategy, an unjust system’s benevolence or retributive justice.  Terrain’s freedom is directly related to an international campaign of radical queers of color and their allies.

While we celebrate this victory, we mourn the divisive legal strategy, which has attempted to pit these friends and lovers against one another and further complicate those whose appeals are yet to be heard.  Despite our great news, we must ensure that no one is left– not Venice, not Renata, not Patreese– to endure the horror of the prison industrial complex.

As a result of sexist, homophobic, and racist stereotypes held by law enforcement agents and institutions, the women later known as the New Jersey 4 were deemed to be a “lesbian wolfpack gang”, who were organizing to terrorize straight men.  Our stories are so often retold with a complete reversal of who is being harmed and who is doing the harming. The impacts of allowing Dwayne Buckle to be popularly depicted in the media and during the court proceedings as the “victim” fails to identify how his desire to dominate women (and their spaces) only leads to the violence that resulted.  On a broader social level, such negligent media reporting, police investigation, and courtroom bias only promises to generate more of these same violent experiences which target women and queers.  The New Jersey 4, like so many of us, are survivors of a system which incorrectly identifies the root causes of violence and crime, only to create conditions for mass incarceration and displacement of queers, especially those queers, like the 4, who are already vulnerable to criminalization because of their race or class identity.

While, Monday, June 23rd marks Terrain’s long awaited release date from Albion Correctional Facility, where she has been caged for six hundred seventy three days of her life. We must remember Terrain unjustly spent two years of her young life in prison, which cannot be returned to her.  Chenese Loyal, Lania Daniels, and Khamysha Coates still have felony charges that prevent them from getting jobs, registering for housing and other unjust discrimination. Renata is still behind bars awaiting a new trial.  Venice, sentenced to 5 years and Patreese, sentenced to 11 years, remain incarcerated, awaiting appeals to be heard in the fall. The 3 women will continue to navigate the legal system until the day comes when their stories will finally be heard without the racist homophobic sexist bias that denied them a fair trial to begin with.

Terrain Dandridge and her mother, Kimma Walker are due to arrive to the Bay Area on Tuesday June 24th, 2008 to meet with Angela Davis and the Queer community at the San Francisco Women’s Building.  This public event is scheduled for Tuesday, June 24th, 7-9 pm, during PRIDE week  in order to unravel the experiences of violence that Queer People of Color face and how to prepare ourselves and our communities in the face of police harrassment, criminalization and mass incarceration.

The Bay Area Solidarity Committee is dedicated to promoting self-defense of our bodies to all forms of violence!  We especially call on Queer People of Color to come to the fore to exposes the lesser talked about queer experience and it’s relationship to criminalization, policing, harsher sentencing, incarceration and state assault.  This PRIDE week, we intend to remind all oppressed communities of the way racism and sexism set up predictably violent outcomes and to understand that this too is part of the Queer struggle.

The  local organizing effort, broadly made up of Lesbians, Transgender, Gay, Two-Spirit, and multi-generational Queers, also encourages our peers to  name and articulate the elements in the Criminal Justice System that  permit homophobic and transphobic violence to be promoted and carried out on  the community level.  Please  join us in this growing resistance movement of trans/queer communities of  color!

co sponsors of the event include:  Critical Resistance, LAGAI-queer insurrection, QUIT!-Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism, SF Women Against Rape, OLOC, Radical Women, and Gay Shame SF.


to find out when the next art attack or event are, visit the calendar at

Promote Self-Defense! Uncage the New Jersey 4!




4 responses

21 06 2008

How could you try to kill somebody on video, with witnesses, then get convicted by a 12 person jury, only to get released. This sounds really fishy, no other person that was convicted of a hate crime, no matter what the evidence has been released, but because these women happen to be gay they get to walk, along with no hate crime charge, this is bolony.

24 06 2008

Was Miss Dandridge released?

24 06 2008

lick my clit, foundation for justice.

25 06 2008
Terry Keith

How could you be a white man or woman in america in surrounded by a hundred of your friends and kill a few black men or women by hanging take a picture of it facing the camera and never be tried for a hate crime….. Murder???? Huh?
Address that or shut up.

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