Sakia Gunn Film Project

7 08 2008

Black LGBT Film Festival at the Parkway in Oakland

The Sakia Gunn Film Project
Sunday, August 17 – 2pm
Directed By: Chas Brack
TRT: 55 min

The Sakia Gunn Project is a documentary that tells the story of Sakia, a 15 year old charismatic, dynamic young woman who was out and proud about being an ‘aggressive’ – (a homosexual woman) who dresses in masculine attire but does not necessarily identify as either lesbian or female-to-male transgender. Sakia held promise as a basketball player and was looking forward to becoming an upperclassman at Newark’s West Side High.

She and her friends were returning from socializing at NYC’s Greenwich Village piers. The ‘piers’ is a popular spot for lesbian, gay, and transgendered (LGBT) youth. On the night Sakia was murdered, two men targeted them and wanted to instigate trouble. First flirting with and propositioning the ‘femmes’ in their group. The girls rebuffed the sexual advances of the much older assailants. Words were exchanged, a fight ensued, and Sakia was stabbed. She died in the arms of her best friend, Valencia. Several rallies and vigils have subsequently been held, galvanizing the Newark community and prompting several LGBT organizations to form The Newark Pride Alliance and Sakia Gunn Aggressives & Femmes, as well as a scholarship fund in her name established by Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays

More info. about the Black LGBT Film Festival at:




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