Sept 16: NJ7 Benefit Party NYC

11 09 2008

Tickets: $10 – 25 sliding scale. No one will be turned away. To Buy Online visit: All7




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18 09 2008

Here is what I posted yesterday. Towards the end is an update:
I exchanged email with someone who knows a lot more about the legalities of the case. Since I don’t want to make anything worse for these women, suffice it to say, I still want to help raise money for the bail. But I am going to have to delete my original post and leave it at this…

7 lesbian women were harrassed by a man. They confronted him. He threw a lit cigarette at one and spit on another. It escalated into a fight. The man got hurt. 4 of the women went to jail. One had her conviction reverse. One is out on bail. One is eligible for bail. The other is not as of now.

I’m trying to help raise money for bail.

$5000 is a lot of money. But it’s not a lot of money. I must personally know 1000 lesbians with $5. I’m certain that someone I know could even drop the entire amount without it phasing them…hard as the times are… I believe that it is possible to come up with the money to get her out today. TODAY! I mean it. WWAD? What would Audre do? WWPPD? What would Pat Parker do? Ask yourself…

Please join me in showing up for these women now.

Put in the “service rendered” line “Free the NJ4” and all monies (less PayPal fees will go to help these young women)

Thank you so much for supporting these women! I will keep you posted on the progress of this effort! So far we have raised $748. It’s wonderful to see women and now men as well *getting* that this is important.
Every dollar gets us closer!

I’ve added a fundraising thermometer to the donation page so you can keep on eye on the process!

http://nedrajohnson. com/webpay. html

Thank you!



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