Saturday, 9/27: NJ4 Workshop at CR10

22 09 2008

The Bay Area NJ4 Solidarity Committee will be hosting a workshop during CR10, and would like to extend an invitation to all queer abolitionists and allies. The Free the NJ4 workshop is scheduled for Sat, Sept 27th 4-5:30. Info about the case is attached.

All of us organizing with the Bay Area NJ4 Solidarity Committee are from pretty different backgrounds but have experienced street violence because we are queer people of color, black women, faggots, Asian butches, fat dykes, dykes perceived as trans, lesbians and many other identities. And while we were not surprised that the u.s. criminal injustice system did not side with the young black lesbians from New Jersey, we were outraged at the criminalization of their basic right to survive and at the racist/homophobic/ transphobic dehumanizing labels such as “wolf-pack” in the media. Because the times call for radical action, we want to be collectively ready and active within a culture of self-defense that would break our loved ones out of prison. This vision has been our motivation since we began in March of 2007.

In addition to the invitation to join us during our workshop, we would like to take the opportunity for us to learn more about each other’s work, exchange strategy ideas, information, resources, and just be in each other’s company. We will be contacting the trans/queer visibility team to find out more about how to organize a time to get together. Please be in touch if you would like to connect.

Contact freenj4(at) for more info.




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