Fundraising Guidelines

In the hopes that fundraising for the NJ4 remains transparent, we hope that fundraisers continue to contact us directly.

To receive an endorsement from the committee, we ask that fundraisers contribute at least 50% of receipts. Special consideration can be negotiated with the committee depending on the venue hosting the fundraiser.

When raising money for the New Jersey 4, we ask that folks organizing benefits please make it clear on all promotional materials that the money is for:

1. Any legal costs that have not been donated.
2. Bail or bond.
3. Commissaries.
4. Re-entry.
5. Supplies not donated.

make checks payable to :
Bay Solidarity
po box 172
oakland ca 94604


2 responses

19 02 2009
Erin McAuliffe

Hi. I recently found out about this case when I was researching queer militancy for my Social Movements class at Central CT State University last semester. I am vice president of PRIDE, the university’s queer student group, and we are interested in doing an awareness event about the New Jersey 4.

Are any of the women who have been released so far doing speaking engagements? I read that Terrain went to California to do an event with Angela Davis recently. We would love to have one or more of them come speak at our university, but I have had trouble finding a way to contact them individually. If you could provide us with information on that, it would be very helpful.


26 02 2013
Jordan Coltrane

The above ground pools are preferred by most people to the in-ground pools. While some people may not prefer them because of their individual reasons, some do so because they believe that these pools are cheaper and even safer than the in ground pools. To build and set up an in ground pool you have to dig the earth surface to create the required excavation depth..

Consider our personal web portal too

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