Take Action!

So far, a bunch of people and groups in various places have organized fundraisers, panels, working sessions, etc. around the Newark 4 case. This is just a forum for people to share organizing stories and ideas, talk about what worked and what didn’t, and for us all to have an idea as to what is going on, organizing wise. Feel free to post links to press about events centered around the Newark 4 case, or to any media projects (video, photo, audio) that you have produced about the case.

What you can do:

1. THE LOVE letters by the People:

As announced , Renata Hill was scheduled to face retrial on October 14th. Supporters from across the country responded by demanding an end to the prosecution of Renata.

As a result of our efforts and court bureaucracy, Renata’s re-trial has been rescheduled to take place on March 4th, 2009.  Since the decision, Venice Brown was awarded time served.

Please spread the word and ask your friends to send additional letters to Robert M. Morgenthau, the District Attorney of New York County. When you send your letter, email freenj4(at)yahoo.com so we can keep a count of the number of new letters dispatched to the D.A.

Use the sample letter below or use your own words. With more pressure, we can end the prosecution of Renata Hill.


[Your Name]

[Your address]

Robert M. Morgenthau

District Attorney

New York County

1 Hogan Place

New York, NY 10013


Re: People vs. Renata Hill

Dear Mr. Morgenthau:

I am writing concerning the case of Renata Hill, who is currently awaiting a retrial on charges stemming from an incident in August 2006. Her conviction for Gang Assault was recently overturned on appeal.

I want to encourage you to stop further prosecution in this case, and to release Ms. Hill so that they may get on with her life. She has already served two years on charges resulting from a street altercation that niether of the two  initiated. While incarcerated, Ms. Hill was separated from her young son. She also suffered the death of her mother, whose memorial she was unable to attend. Since their convictions on Gang Assault charges, the felony convictions against both Ms. Hill and one of her co-defendants were overturned by the appellate courts.

Notably, the complainant in this matter has commenced a multi million dollar lawsuit and runs a website, Dwayne Buckle Foundation for Justice, seeking donations to his cause based on virulent anti-gay and lesbian attacks.

I believe that further prosecution and incarceration of Ms. Hill  would be unjust. Both have been punished enough for her role in the event – both by actual imprisonment, and in the impact that imprisonment has had upon her life. I appreciate any assistance you can provide in preventing any further injustice.

Thank you for your consideration.


2. Media:

Do you or folks you know produce media? Media Spokes, Radio Producers, videographers, journalists! We need your help with making press contacts and to reclaim our stories. Interview transcripts and radio production is ready and available on this site for syndication courtesy of National Public Radio’s Making Contact. Please use it.  Get in touch if you would like a press kit or if you can help out. Once Renata’s new trial date is set, we’ll have a lot to accomplish! Email freenj4@yahoo.com or post your information as a comment on this blog.

3. Write Gov. Paterson to remind him of the unjust imprisonment and charges leveled against the seven women.

4. Artists:

We are  calling for queer artists, especially queers artists of color, to design images for mass reproduction. T-shirts, posters, banners, stencil, stickers, armbands, and other free forms are in the works.  Post to the blog or email freenj4@yahoo.com

5. Mobilize

Free the NJ4 Demonstration — March 2 Protest at noon — 1 Hogan Place Manhattan!!!!


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11 06 2008
25 06 2008
Support NJ4 Events « free the new jersey 4

[…] Take Action! […]

20 10 2008

Dear friends,
In the spirit of solidarity, NEFAC-Boston is excited to offer you a great
opportunity to give! We are selling the Certain Days political prisoners
2009 calendars to support various struggles against political repression
and the Prison Industrial Complex.

The money we spend on purchasing the calendars goes to the causes selected
by the Certain Days crew.

These include:
New York State Task Force on Political Prisoners
San Francisco 8

Info on proceeds: http://www.certaindays.org/?q=proceeds

In addition, NEFAC-Boston will donate all proceeds from selling the
calendars locally to benefit the New Jersey 4.

Info on the NJ4: https://freenj4.wordpress.com/

Please purchase a calendar and help us show solidarity with these
important struggles. The calendars are beautiful, including original
artwork, writing and lots of information on political prisoners and many
grassroots struggles. They make a great holiday gift, office decoration or
just buy one for yourself!

The theme of this year’s calendar is Grassroots Organizing.

We are selling the calendars for $12 each.

To purchase a calendar, please send a check or money order made out to
“Northeastern Anarchist”. Please include “Calendar” in the memo. Orders
can be mailed to:

P.O. Box 230685
Boston, MA 02123

If you live near Boston, Providence or Northampton, please email
“nefacboston@nefac.net” to pick up calendars directly.

Thank you in advance for your participation and solidarity!


28 05 2012
Updates on the CeCe McDonald case « Stuff Queer People Need To Know

[…] the only queer person of color who has been locked up for defending themselves. In the case of the New Jersey 4, a man sexually propositioned a black lesbian woman among a group of seven black lesbians. After […]

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